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Lughnasadh is the fourth Celtic fire festivals marking the beginning of the grain harvest and is a celebration of the ripening of the corn. It represents the period of first reaping. In ancient times Lughnasadh and the harvest of the first fruits ended the bread famines that may have resulted from depleted grain stores over the previous winter. Lughnasadh is yet another festival that would have been held when the agricultural cues indicated, however, it is widely celebrated today on the eve of August 1st.


The festival, named for the Celtic God, Lugh Lamfhada (Lugh of the Long Arm), and it is believe that it was originally celebrated as funeral games for his foster mother, Tailtiu. Tailtiu was the last of the Fir Bolg Queens. She was a Goddess of the Land and of Sovereignty. Tailtiu died as a result of the effort she expended as she cleared the central plain of Ireland (what is now County Meath) for cultivation. Tailtiu sacrifices herself to increase the fertility and yield of the land. As Tailtiu lay dying she asked Lugh to hold funeral games in her honor. The place of her death and burial became the site of the great assembly at Lughnasadh. The great Lughnasadh assemblies of early Ireland celebrated both the first fruits of the land and the talents of human society. Assemblies featured races, games and athletic competition, as well as, festivals of the arts and forums for political and legal debate. Today, Lughnasadh celebrations continue to embrace harvest themes and are associated with games of strength and agricultural fairs.



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The old bull is sacrificed so that the young bull may take his place of honor.   Lughnasadh 2004

Isaura throws a large rock at Whispering Lake Grove’s Lughnasadh Games 2005.


Picture by: Kimberlie Heath


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