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Veil Graves




My name is Veil Graves and I am 12 years old. I chose my magical name ‘Veil’ because it represents the space between the living and the dead or this world and the Otherworld and I like the Ancestors very much.


I am the daughter of Raven and Carrion Mann and am the youngest member of Whispering Lake Grove. I have been a member of the Grove since I can remember and participate in all Grove activities, including ritual. I currently am the ADF Youth Warrior’s Guild champion, crowned at Wellspring Festival 2010. I plan to join ADF when I am fourteen and begin the Dedicant Program.


I am currently enrolled in the Grey School of Wizardry where I am a level one wizard


I am also a belly dancer and I have danced for many years at festivals and other Pagan gatherings.


In my mundane life I am a sixth grade student. I play the flute in band and have played softball for the past six years.


Bright Blessings,



This is a picture of me from Desert Magic Festival 2009 in Tuscan, AZ. The mask was from the Ancestor Mask Making workshop.  The Ancestor I chose was my great, great, great grandmother, Maggie Flynn whose parents came to this country from County Cork Ireland in 1848.  I also have an ancestor doll of Maggie that I made many years ago at Wellspring Festival with Sassafras Grove.  Maggie is very special to me because she is an Ancestor that I talk to often.


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