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Maggie Forsell


My name is Maggie.  I am a mom of two wonderful, challenging teenagers - one girl and one boy.  (Please tell me they outgrow this stage as they get older!)  I love to bake bread and do textile crafts.  I have been a member of ADF since 2007 and joined Whispering Lake Grove after the Harvest Tide Ritual in 2009.  My journey here has been full of zigs and zags.  I started as a teenager in a missionary church.  At various times I joined the Presbyterians where I taught Sunday school and the Lutherans where I was an Assisting Minister.  I enjoyed aspects of the worship service but couldn’t fully wrap my head around the whole omniscient, omnipotent, loving God who would condemn people to Hell thing.  In between the forays into Christianity, I would look at other options but none seemed right.  Finally after a required class in Catholicism, I decided to again explore my spirituality.   After much time spent surfing the web, I found the ADF website.  I watched some rituals on YouTube.  Finally, worship services that spoke to me without having to compromise my integrity by mouthing convictions that I didn’t believe!  I was thrilled at the possibility of public pagan rituals and I wanted to be a part of it.  I joined ADF soon after.  At the next Erie Pagan Pride Day, I was introduced to Raven Mann.  Two weeks later, I was at my first ADF public ritual, Harvest Tide.  Two years after that I finally joined the grove.  I am now working on the Dedicant Path Program in eager anticipation of joining the Grove’s Liturgy Program.


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