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Jim Garfolo


Hi!  My name is Jim Garfolo and this is me.

I was born and raised Irish Roman Catholic in Pittsburgh, PA.  I even thought about becoming a priest, but gradually I just started to feel out of place in that faith. So like many, in my search for a place I fit I came across Paganism. I did some study in Wicca and even tried some of my own rituals. It left me kinda lost and confused, so I searched out other like-minded people in my area. Unfortunately, I found none with the limited resources I had at the time. So, I kinda fell by the side of the religion road and just bided my time.

I then moved to Erie, PA on January of 2005 and with new and better resources I searched out other Pagans and came across a group of Wiccans that helped me in my path. While in their company, I was introduced to a group they called "The Druids".

From my studies I knew that while a kin to Wiccans in the Neopagan movement, Druidry is different in that they are reviving an ancient religion rather than creating a new one.  Now there is something that looks fascinating.  So, I approached one of them, Raven Mann, and just started asking questions. He was more than happy to talk about Druidry and invited me to one of their rituals. When I went and saw what Druidry was I was like "YES!  I have found where I belong!"

Since then, I have started the ADF Dedicant Program, joined Whispering Lake Grove and couldn't be happier with my choice. I have found a wonderful group of people who help me understand Druidry and that I can really relate to.


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