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Isaura at Harvest Tide 2009

Greetings all, my name is Isaura. I am 32 years old and a mother of one. I'm an avid reader in various genres, although fantasy and science fiction are probably my favorites. I have a fascination with linguistics and have a degree in language and culture. I enjoy cross-stitch, wood-burning, a variety of music, and writing, among other things.


I started out as many did, as Christian, specifically Methodist, although I was never comfortable with it. I just couldn't feel a connection. I stopped going to church at the age of 13, and disillusioned and confused with religion as a whole, identified as agnostic for about ten years. In 2000 I started a new job and became friends with a couple of people who introduced me to Paganism in the form of Wicca. After going to a few Wiccan rituals, I was excited, finally feeling that there was a religion out there that I felt a draw to. After practicing Wicca for a couple years, in 2002, I heard of a local ADF druid grove starting up in the Erie area. I was curious and after those first few meetings, and reading what it was all about, found that ADF Druidry was something that I felt a full connection to. Druidry so closely resembles my beliefs that it seems almost tailor-made. Quite the feeling of coming home, spiritually.


I have served as Secretary of Whispering Lake Grove for 6 years and am now Assistant Senior Druid-Elect of the grove. I hold 1st Circle rank in our Grove's Training program. In June of 2007, I completed my Dedicant Program, and in my Hellenic Dedicant's oath ritual, I took on the Greek name Isaura, mostly because it's meaning- soft air- suits me quite well, and my personal hearth culture leans heavily to Hellenic. I plan to continue with another study program, although I'm still deciding which one I'd like to do.




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