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Rev. Grollwynn


My name is Christopher Temple, a.k.a. Grollwynn. I am a happily married father of a beautiful daughter. In September of 1993 I dedicated myself to the service of the Earth Mother and the Kindred and have been happily, gratefully so since then. Since that time, I have been the High Priest of a Wiccan Coven and the co-editor of a Pagan publication (C.O.L.L. of the Goddess). I sat on the Executive Council of the Alternative Religions Educational Network (formerly known as Witches Anti-Discrimination League) as Northwestern PA Director, Director Liaison, and Regional Director. I was also an assistant reviewer for Llewellyn publications.


I earned an Associate Degree in Medical Transcription, Medical Coding, Parapsychology and Astrology, and Microsoft Office. (Yeah… I’m a geek…) For over twenty years I have studied the Tarot and have read both privately and professionally.


In November of 2005 I joined ADF and Whispering Lake Grove after having given careful consideration to leaving the comfort of solitary worship. This is a decision that I have not regretted for a single moment. Since that time, I have completed the ADF Dedicant Program, our Grove’s First and Second Circle Public Liturgy Training Program.  I am now working through Third Circle of the Grove training program and the First Circle of the Clergy Training Program.  At the 2006 Samhain rite I took my Oath of Office as the Grove’s Assistant Senior Druid shortly thereafter I became the Chief Bard.


My interests include hiking, landscaping, reading and occasionally being wiped out by a certain water Kindred.


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