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Rev. Carrion Mann

My name is Carrion Mann. I am the wife of Raven Mann and the mother of four. My hobbies include genealogy, writing, reading and the continuous study of history. I have a B.S. in Education and have spent the past decade employed in the field of human services, working in various capacities with at-risk youth and homeless adults.


I have “officially” practiced a Pagan spiritual path for approximately twelve years, however, my values and beliefs were Pagan long before this time. I just didn’t know what to call them. Not unlike others that practice Druidry, I      wandered through various spiritual paths before finding the path that was right for me. I have always had a need for spirituality in my life and my quest to find what I was looking for has led me down many paths. Until now these paths have always ended in frustration; as I found myself trying to force my values and beliefs to fit existing structures of various religious institutions.


Over the years I have made many valiant attempts to force myself to “fit” into some form of organized religion and had all but given up finding a path that was right for me. It wasn’t until the early 90's that I was first introduced to Wicca. It was this introduction to Paganism that would eventually lead me to ADF Druidry.


Prior to joining ADF in January of 2000, I practiced Wicca and then Druidry with my husband as a solitary. As a solitary, my interest included both: the Irish Celtic and Norse Kin, divination, liturgical design and bardic work.



In February 2003 my search for other like-minded individuals led to my decision to join Whispering Lake Proto-Grove.  I have been an active member of Whispering Lake Grove since that time and currently hold the offices of Treasurer and Chief         Liturgist.


Following the completion of the ADF Dedicant program in December of 2004,  I enrolled in the Liturgist Guild Study program where I continue to work on the completing the first circle requirements. I was also accepted ADF Clergy Training Program in 2006 and completed the first circle requirements for the CTP and Generalist Study Program in August of 2008.  I was         consecrated as an ADF Priest during the 2008 Summerland Festival in Ohio.  I have begun work on the 2nd circle of the CTP and plan to continue my studies and become a fully ordained ADF Priest, while serving the membership of my grove and ADF. Currently, I also hold the office Liturgist Guild Chief for ADF.



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