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Hearth Culture

The hearth culture of Whispering Lake Grove is Irish Celtic/Norse-Teutonic.  The Grove primarily explores, researches and implements traditions consistent with Irish Celtic and Norse/Teutonic Pagan pantheons, practices and traditions.  While Irish Celtic/Norse-Teutonic is our cultural focus, it does not exclude us from the exploration of any other Indo-European            pantheons, practices or traditions. The members of Whispering Lake Grove worship in Irish Celtic tradition at Samhain, Imbolc, Beltaine and Lughnassadh, while honoring the Norse-Teutonic traditions in our practice at Yule, Eostre, Midsummer and Harvest Tide. 


When worshipping in Irish Celtic tradition we most often honor and worship Deities from among the Tuatha De Danann and those associated with them. In past rituals we have honored the following Irish Celtic Deities.


The Earth Mother and Sky Father: Danu and Bile, Primal Mother and Father  of the pantheon.

Manannan Mac Lir: Mist Weaver; Warder of the Ways and Gatekeeper during the majority of our Irish Celtic worship.  Manannan is also the Patron Deity of Whispering Lake Grove.

Brighid: Goddess of Healing; Smith craft and Poetry and Deity of Divine Inspiration.

Amergin: Great Bard of the Celts and Deity of Divine Inspiration.

Morrighan: Phantom Queen of the Celts; Raven of Warriors Dreams and Washer at the Ford.

Dagda: The Great Good God; Father of the Tuatha and Keeper of the Cauldron of Plenty.

Donn: The Dark One; Guardian of the House of Donn and Irish Celtic Lord of the Dead.

Aine: The Emerald Eyed Maiden; Queen and Sweetheart of the Sidhe and Enchantress of Mortal Men.

Aengus Mac Og: The God of Love and Beauty; Bringer of Youth; King Under the Mound.

Miach: The Mighty Healer and Restorer of Nuada’s hand; Keeper of the Secrets of Immortality; Skilled Surgeon of the Tuatha.

Airmed: Herbal Healer of the Tuatha; Tender of the Sacred Spring of Healing; Goddess of the Fields and Forest.

Crom Dubh- The Ancient Black Bowed One; Withered Old Bull and Carrier of Mankind’s Burdens of the Harvest.

Tailtiu- Beloved Foster Mother of Lugh and Last Queen of the Fir Bolg

Lugh- Master of Many Arts; The Many Skilled One; Hero, Champion and Protector of the Tuatha and Young Bull of the First Harvest.

Goibniu: Master of the Forge; Brewer of the Healing Waters and Great Smith and Weapons Maker of the Tuatha.

Luchta: Mighty Shield Maker; Carpenter and Wheelwright of the Tuatha

Credne: Brazier; Weapon’s Maker of the Tuatha and Restorer of Nuada’s hand.

Macha: Goddess of Sovereignty; Matron and Protectress of Women and Children


When worshipping in the Norse-Teutonic tradition we honor and worship Deities from among the Aesir and Vanir. In past rituals we have honored the following Deities:


The Earth Mother and Sky Father: Frigga and Odin; The Azure Cloaked Wanderer and Crystal Jeweled Protectress; King and Queen of Asgard

The Earth Mother and Sky Father: Nerthus and Tyr; Primal Mother and Father

Bragi: God of Wisdom and Poetry; Welcomer of the Slain to the Halls of Valhalla and Deity of Divine Inspiration for our Norse-Teutonic rituals

Odin: The One-Eyed Wanderer; Allfather of the Aesir; Winner, Keeper and Giver of the Mead of Poetry and Deity of Divine Inspiration.

Heimdall: Father of Mankind; Guardian of Bifrost; Warder of the Way between Asgard and Midgard and Gatekeeper of our Norse-Teutonic rituals.

Freyr: Lord of the Vanir; Twin of Freya; Bringer of Peace and Plenty and of Fertility

Freya: Lady of the Vanir; Twin of Freyr; Queen of the Valkyries; Bringer of Fertility and Sexuality

Thor: Champion and Defender of Asgard; Wielder of Mjollnir; The Red-Bearded Storm Bringer and Companion of Mankind.

Ostara/Eostre: Lady of the Radiant Dawn; Goddess of Spring’s Renewal and of the Fertile Land and New Beginnings.

Sunna: Rider of the Horse Drawn Sun-Wagon; Goddess of Light and Life and The Summer Sun.

Frigga: Goddess of Hearth and Home



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