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Whispering Lake Proto-Grove held its first official meeting on November 17, 2002 with seven members in attendance. Early meetings of the Whispering Lake Grove were held in homes of its members.


In March of 2003 the Grove began renting space for meetings, workshops and worship at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Erie, Pennsylvania. Whispering Lake Grove held its first public ritual in celebration of Beltaine in May of 2003 and has regularly held open- to-the public rituals since this time.


Whispering Lake Grove became a Provisionally Chartered Grove of Àr nDraíocht Féin in February of 2004 and held its first Annual Meeting and Officer Elections in July of that year with new officers taking their Oath of Office during our Samhain  ritual.


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The Shores of Lake Erie March 2005

Early History of the Grove

A meeting in a bookstore between two individuals sharing a common interest in Druidry, would lay the ground work for the formation of the first Druid Proto-Grove in Erie, Pennsylvania. In a short time from this initial meeting, our Grove would find its name and identity on the shores of the very lake on which is was formed.


On a late summer evening while walking the beaches of Lake Erie, a young man, who was an organizing member of the Grove, came upon an old man sitting along the shore. The old man was watching the waves and the boats upon the lake. The old man told the young man that if he only listened he could hear the lake whisper. It was from this conversation that    Whispering Lake Proto-Grove was born.


The Whispering Lake Grove, A.D.F. was founded as an official Proto-Grove of Àr nDraíocht Féin (ADF), Inc. in    November of 2002.


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